Our fitness center is here to remind you how much movement is important for the vitality of the body, and how good the secretion of endorphin feels after a professionally held full body workout.

Nothing can replace an aerobic activity, especially the natural movements of running, brisk walking or strolling on the slopes of Zlatibor.

During the time when weather conditions do not permit outdoor activities, our gym is available for you to stay involved in physical activities that you need. 

Machines that are available are divided into two categories and include:

  • cardio machines
  • treadmill,
  • bike,
  • cross-trainer (for Nordic running)

     and strength training machines:

  • free weights,  
  • back extension bench, 
  • sit-ups bench, 
  • pull-up machine, 
  • leg curl and extension, 
  • lat pull down, 
  • shoulder press, 
  • biceps and triceps machine


In addition, we have the mats for stretching and other exercises, and a medicine ball.

Unlike the usual fatigue that you feel after a hard day at work, we wish you to lie in the comfortable beds of the Zlatibor Mona Hotel tired out by healthy physical activities performed outdoors or in our gym.