Water has a positive effect on our minds and muscle relaxation. It is an ideal setting for light workouts, suitable for all ages and convalescents recovering from physical injuries, so it is no wonder that the word SPA is an abbreviation from the Latin formulation - Sanus per Aquam, which means - ‘to health through water’
At the wellness center of the Zlatibor Mona Hotel the guests have access to a 16-m long and 5-m wide indoor pool with a temperature of 26˚ to 28 ˚C, and two small hot tubs with a temperature of up to 33˚C. Beside the pool there is an area with deck chairs, suitable for all-day relaxation, offering 60 seats. The entire pool area is completely isolated from the noise, crowds, and thus the stress, so when you step into this area you automatically experience complete relaxation.