Sauna world

The Sauna World consists of a BIO (12 seats) and FINNISH (20 seats) saunas and a steam bath. 

The Finish or dry sauna with a temperature of 90C˚ and low humidity, 10-15%, is ideal for improving circulation and muscle relaxation. The effects of the sauna that can be seen and felt right away include the healthier glow of your skin, better skin tightness and elasticity, and relaxed muscles. 

The Bio sauna with a temperature of 50C˚ is suitable for people who have low blood pressure and problems with water retention. This type of sauna is ideal for removing the toxins and excess fluids from your body. It is recommended to use the sauna at 15-minute intervals in combination with a short cold shower, which boosts circulation.

Fully dedicated to relaxation and healthy body, the steam or Turkish bath is a type of sauna where the air is saturated with moisture and the temperature reaches 42˚C.

The whole sauna area is physically and acoustically isolated from the rest of the wellness center to maximize your relaxation. If you want to warm up and remove all the toxins from your body, this is the right part of the Wellness center for you.