Tucked into the quietest part of the hotel, Perun, a national restaurant and wine bar is the right place for lovers of good food and high-quality foreign and domestic wines.


Fireplace located in the center of the restaurant and an open kitchen allow the guests to enjoy the unique ambiance and experience of the authentic Zlatibor life. The pleasant ambiance of the restaurant is dominated by wood, and variety of unique historical objects and ethnic details from ancient times, which put the guests in a time between the past and present. 

The restaurant offers a slow food concept by making and serving traditional Zlatibor food in a unique way, using only fresh, locally produced, all-natural foods made by local manufacturers. The restaurant promotes preparation of traditional, local cuisine food, and all ingredients are purchased from local suppliers and packaged in modern packaging.


Perun is the perfect spot for hedonists, connoisseurs of good company, food, wine and atmosphere.