Robin Hood adventure is a perfect activity for building strong team spirit and raising the confidence of team members to a higher lever.

It takes place in a beautiful beech forest, located only 15 minutes from the hotel Zlatibor Mona.The Robin Hood adventure consists of 6 exciting activities, organized on the 300 meters long field. Experienced instructors from our partner agency Extreme Summit Team will be with your team on every step of the way, providing support and help for team members.

Depending on the size of the team we will divide you into groups, taking care that every group experiences every activity. The whole adventure lasts approximately 4 hours.

The first activity involves an exciting, high-adrenaline zip-line ride through an old beech forest. The second activity is called “On the edge” and involves you getting over a precipice between two rocks using a rope. 

“Keep climbing” is the third activity, which will see you reach the top of a seemingly insurmountable rock using just a piece of rope. Abseil, the fourth activity, develops the sense of trust as it involves a descent on a rope down a nearly vertical rock, which – so long as we trust our instructors – is actually really straightforward. The following activity is called “A calm sea” and includes climbing a ship’s rope ladder and putting a flag up at the top of the mast. The final activity bears the name taken from Serbian folklore, “The construction of Skadar on Bojana”, and involves the whole team helping one of its members in a fine-balance act of arranging ten crates underneath him. Hammocks are to be found between the trees all around for those who get tired along the way to take a break and to take in the surrounding nature.

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