The following activity takes place on the Zlatibor slopes and is conceived with the adventurer in mind who has dreamt of flying ever since he or she were little.

Paragliding is indeed flying, or rather sailing through the air using just a parachute-like piece of equipment. The first flight, the breathtaking heights, and the incredible views passing below the flyer are priceless. This activity is ideal for smaller groups, and, depending on weather conditions, the flight takes on average about 5-7 minutes per person.

The starting point is the last peak of the Čigota massif located 1422 m above sea level. From there the panorama is breathtaking - large parts of Zlatibor, Ovčar, Kablar and peaks of Tara can be seen. On this plateau, we first focus on familiarizing the people with equipment, preparing them for the jump and for what awaits them. 

It is in these moments that the culmination of adrenaline in each of the jump candidates occurs - it is necessary to dispel the inevitable fear when the feet are separated from the cliff! This same fear disappears the moment it is replaced by a feeling of indescribable freedom and power!

In case you wish to record your escapades in the sky, we have the option of shooting the flight on video and saving it for you

A trip back from the point of landing to the Zlatibor Mona Hotel takes 20 minutes. If you like, after landing we can continue to hang out in an authentic Zlatibor village and its natural surroundings.

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