It has long been well known that in its natural beauty Serbia is at the very top of the world, especially western Serbia, proud of its mountain slopes, and Zlatibor, Tara and Zlatar mountains. 

A special off-road tour we offer allows you to experience some of the most beautiful and least known, almost untouched parts of the Zlatibor area. An experience of the vast open space, filled with nothing but wilderness is enhanced by the use of all-terrain vehicles, the tires of which “shy away” from asphalt and standard roads, preferring dirt roads, forest clearings, creeks and inclines. The duration of this activity depends on the length of the route opted for.

Whichever destination you choose, you can be sure that it will not be a typical tour of beautiful landscapes, but as our guests you’ll have a chance to actually see and feel the true spirit of Zlatibor during the ride, which is not included in the standard travel brochures!

Proposed tours:

  • The Čigota peak, recreational area Zaoglina, Vidikovac. The distance from the center of Zlatibor is about 20 km.
  • The Tornik peak, lookout located 1496 m above sea level. Distance of around 20 km.
  • The Panjak and Viogor peaks above Mokra Gora, authentic mountain motifs, shepherds’ huts, beautiful lookouts – toward Bosnia. 
  • Mokra Gora including Semegnjevo, Panjak and Viogor hills, and on the way back the Gruda mountain range and Oko, the former first Zlatibor resort. Off-road adrenaline ride. The distance from the center of Zlatibor is 35 km. 
  • The Uvac monastery and the Uvac river canyon, the distance is 25 km.

In your selected tour we can include additional activities, such as a mountain picnic (lamb on a spit, barbecue), hiking, fishing, and so on.

Contact for organizing activities for groups who stay in the hotel:

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