Horseback riding is available for beginners as well as for experienced riders. It takes place at the Zova ranch, a mere 2km from the Zlatibor Mona Hotel, in an exquisite natural setting. The ranch is home to ten large horses and five ponies, always ready for those who love equestrian sports. This activity calls for self-control, good observation skills and concentration.

After you get refreshed at a bar on the property (for 30-40 guests) or in the shade of a large, ancient walnut on the stumps, you will have the opportunity to take turns (due to the number of horses) and with the help of experienced teachers learn everything you have always wanted to know - how to prepare, saddle, ride and groom a horse. When you master this, the guide will take you for a ride through nature (for half an hour). For those with better skills we can organize true off-road riding in the caravan.

There are other animals on the ranch that complete the experience (wolves, rabbits, peacocks).

There is an option to expand this offer onto another site, the so called “Farm”, (which is 1.5 km away from the center of Zlatibor), including the Zlatiborski Pastuv restaurant that has 25 registered horses. After riding, the restaurant can organize a social event - with live tamburitza music and an open fireplace

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