Astonishing Uvac nature reserve is one of the most beautiful places of southwestern Serbia. In its valley is situated the Radoinjsko lake which presents a true piece of paradise in these parts of Serbia.

Recreational kayaking on Lake Radoinja in the fairy-tale Uvac Nature Reserve, rock climbing, hiking and orienting games are just some of the activities which enable you to experience the magic of basically untouched nature. Ideal for lovers of nature, fresh air, rivers and lakes and all those who are willing to indulge in a new adventure that will surely be retelled!

Free rock climbing with safety ropes improves concentration, sense of balance, helps rid participants of their fear of heights, and strengthens the will and persistence. The kayaking experience is intended for those who wish to see a different side of Serbia, and chance upon all kinds of secret coves, channels, and caves, while hiking is ideal for all those who would like to see the most stunning views of the Zlatibor area.

All this put together is sure to build up the muscles of your team spirit and lead to bonding and people getting to know each other better, which in turn guaranties a refreshed and positive return to work.

This adventure is organized in cooperation with the agency Extreme Summit Team, whose professional trainers will provide you with the basic instructions and advice in order to enable you the full enjoynment in the adventure while their expertise will ensure that you are safe in every moment.

Depending on the size of the group, it will take no more than 3-5 hours of a single day.

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