Open sky museum “Staro selo” (Old village) in Sirogojno is actually an authentic village from the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century and depicts the life of a country family.The old village museum is located in the village of Sirogojno, 30 km from Užice and 30 km from Zlatibor. It is an open air museum and represents the flat and the residential culture of a Zlatibor village. During the high season artistic, literary, musical and other meetings, exhibitions, lectures and summer schools are organized in the museum.

A unique knitters museum located in the area of the library of "Sirogojno company," exposes the sweaters andjackets, such as thoose who were "in" in the seventies and eighties in boutiques all over the U.S., Japan, France, Iceland and elsewhere. Among the exhibits are other handicrafts, yarn, medals and awards, newspaper articlesand photos. Testimonies of high achievements of this women knitters in this region that are their own skills, and thecreation and unfailing enthusiasm of Dobrila Smiljanic, formed the product that is easy recognized to most ofcustomers located around the world.