Mokra Gora is a mountain ethno village located between the Tara and Zlatibor mountains, famous for its natural sights and the Šargan eight, the old-school narrow track railway traversing the area in the shape of the number eight, which gave it its name.

Do not miss the chance to take a ride on the steam locomotive as it makes its way through the picturesque rocky passes.

On the way to Mount Tara, on the nearby Mećavnik hill, lies Drvengrad, the ethno village filmmaker Emir Kusturica constructed.

A village made of wood, as its name suggests, it was built in the ancient style and has a timeless aura about it. A well-known tourist destination already, Drvengrad is complete with church, art gallery, cinema, bookstore, pastry shop, national restaurant, and a folk handicrafts store.