The Stopića Cave, discovered in 1901, is located near Zlatibor, on the road to Sirogojno, near the town of Rožanstvo. Due to the unique beauty of its forms the cave is an extremely interesting tourist destination and one of the most beautiful caves in Serbia. 

The cave is 2,000 meters long and, in some parts, 50 meters high

It consists of 5 parts: the Bright Room, the Dark Room, the Large Hall with Tubs, the Channel with Tubs and the River Channel. The tourist part of the cave has several attractive elements and beautiful cave ornaments: a spacious entrance, Dugure or holes in the ceiling, a scree pile called the Dog Cemetery, a waterfall called the Source of Life, which is 9.44m high, and a series of tufa tubs or stonewall-lined dents that collect water. When the water rises up it overflows out of the tubs in the form of unique cascades.

The Potpećka Cave is located near Užice, on the road to Belgrade, in the northern foothills of Drežnička Gradina (932m above sea level). The entry way to the Potpećka Cave is one of the monumental works of nature. 

The cave is a spring type cave: it is built by the underground streams that sink into the Drežnička Valley. There are two main floors of the cave channels: the older or the Upper Cave, and the younger or the Lower Cave. The entry channel is common to both horizons, since it has originated through the destruction of the floor structure and their subsequent merger.

The treasure of the cave ornaments is one of the very few such treasures in the karst caves.